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Rockford Construction operates as a full-service General Contractor and Construction Solution company in Delaware County and throughout the central Ohio region. With extensive experience in multifamily residential building and apartment community construction projects, we have completed over 60 new construction projects exceeding 4,500 high-quality units for our customers in central Ohio.

Though multifamily buildings and apartment community construction projects tend to be our core business, our general contracting expertise extends to condominiums, commercial construction, tenant improvements, renovations, and the conversion and rehabilitation of downtown office buildings. As a result of our flexibility, Rockford Construction has completed well over $250 million in general contractors’ work for our clients with planned future development throughout central Ohio.

Delaware Area Statistics:

Individual and Median Incomes in Delaware County, Ohio

The average salary in Delaware County is $91,936.The US annual average is $28,555.

The median home cost in Delaware County is $444,700. The US average is $53,482.

Tax Rates for Delaware County

The sales tax rate for Delaware County is 7.5%. The US average is 7.3%.

The income tax rate for Delaware County is 5.7%. The US average is 4.6%.

Tax rates can have a big impact when comparing the Cost of Living (COL).

Jobs and Unemployment

Jobs have increased by 0.8% over the past year. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 35.75% which is higher than the US average of 33.5%.

The unemployment rate in Delaware County is 3.8% (U.S. avg. is 6.0%). Recent job growth is positive.

Multifamily Construction Delaware County

Build Homes. Connect People. Nurture Communities.

By building a commercial real estate property, you are not just providing a place for someone to live. You create a lifestyle by connecting people and creating outstanding apartment community spaces. One of the biggest perks of new construction in multifamily living is entering a built-in community. Rockford Construction understands the importance of creating a nurturing environment where people can thrive and grow for their future progress.

Experts in Value Engineering

Rockford Construction will provide expertise in Value Engineering to lower the project’s cost while increasing output from the general contractor.

Multifamily Construction Delaware County
Multifamily Construction Delaware County

General Contractors Going the Extra Mile with Construction Services

Rockford Construction believes Green, energy-efficient communities make a great contribution to the health of the environment. Green projects not only better the planet, but they are essential for the future progress of environmentally sound building practices globally. Rockford Construction has the expertise and is committed to building living spaces under the United States Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines, Energy Star, and AWARE standards.

Our Company

Our Company

Family-owned and operated, Rockford Construction is a subsidiary of Rockford Homes based in central Ohio. Rockford Homes was founded in 1985, building single-family homes and condo floor plans throughout central Ohio and surrounding areas. With a passion for building and decades of construction industry expertise, the Rockford team consistently achieves the high-quality work and outstanding results our clients demand.

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Our Projects

Our Projects

Rockford Construction always has several current commercial construction projects underway with additional future development in the works. If you are a builder partner or professional subcontractor looking to collaborate and bid on work or an individual interested in seeing our current projects, please follow the link below.

Current & Bidding Projects

Our Work

Our Work

Rockford Construction is a versatile general contractor for various construction project types. From building an apartment community to single-family and multifamily homes, chances are we have the construction solutions for your future development.

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Why Building Multi-family Real Estate is Smart

Whether you have the expertise as a real estate developer or are a first-time real estate developer, the multifamily housing sector is a growing market where you can build wealth faster than you could otherwise. Building multifamily apartments sounds scary. However, it isn’t. Multi-family real estate property in central Ohio has a higher building cost compared to purchasing a single-family home. However, multi-family apartments represent an exciting opportunity to generate more steady cash flow than single-family homes, making it easier to finance a loan.

Benefits of Owning a Multi-family Unit Property

Streamlined Maintenance

Streamlined Maintenance

Due to the nature of multi-family buildings, units are grouped together which offers residents a sense of community. This proximity also results in significantly fewer maintenance costs per unit. Multi-family properties have the advantage of sharing many structural and management aspects, such as walls, HVAC equipment, and landscaping services. Streamlining any construction, renovation, or maintenance projects that may occur over time will keep your property desirable and appealing to many customers.

Steady Cash Flow

Steady Cash Flow

Owning multi-family buildings provides a consistent source of passive income every month. With affordable housing rental costs, managing and filling multi-family living spaces is easier than traditional single-family living spaces. Increasing average occupancy and revenue means that multi-family buildings are a less risky property investment.

Tax Breaks

Tax Breaks

Multi-family rental properties in Delaware County such as apartments and senior housing developments are just like businesses to the IRS, allowing you to benefit from tax deductions and special housing tax benefits.

Market Ready Investment

Market-Ready Investment

By constructing multi-family buildings as new development, you can include attractive amenities and services from the start such as a fitness center, dog park, landscaped walkways, and a community pool. This gives you an advantage over your competition that only renovates existing buildings.

Delaware County History and Points of Interest

Delaware County is located in the central part of the U.S. state of Ohio. The county was formed in 1808 from Franklin County and is in the Columbus Metropolitan Area.

Both the county and its seat are named after the Delaware Native American tribe. In 2020, Delaware County was listed as the 35th wealthiest county in the United States according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Among the cites, villages and townships that make up Delaware County are Ashley, Berkshire, Concord, Delaware, Galena, Ostranders, Powell, Shawnee Hills, Sunbury and parts of Westerville.

Among those who have lived in Delaware County are zookeeper and TV personality Jack Hanna, the 19th President of the U.S. Rutherford B. Hayes, Oscar-winning film director Vincente Minnelli, celebrated author Norman Vincent Peale, and baseball great Buck Rodgers.

Incorporation Year: 1808

Zip Codes Encompassing Delaware County: 43003, 43011, 43013, 43015, 43016, 43017, 43021, 43031, 43035, 43040, 43061, 43064, 43065, 43066, 43074, 43081, 43082, 43235, 43240, 43334, 43342, 43344, 43356

Delaware County History and Points of Interest

Frequently Asked Questions

What is multifamily construction?

Multifamily construction Delaware County projects are as simple as they sound: a dwelling with several tenantable units grouped together. Many residents can live in the same overlying structure, but each family has its own living space. Amenities include a bathroom, kitchen, common areas, and much more. Some may include access to a fitness center and laundry facilities if a hook-up is unavailable in the unit. Many of these homes appear to be independent, separate houses or apartments from the outside, which appeals to many residents and clients. All housing is built at a complementary scale and in character to the surrounding neighborhood. Examples of multi-family homes include one and two-bedroom apartments, townhouses, condos, and duplexes.

How do I get started constructing a multifamily development project?

The first step is to contact a multifamily construction contractor like Rockford Construction. Our experienced real estate developers and general contractors will work through the process of your project scope and outline the best course of action for building your commercial real estate complex.

What is some advice to consider regarding budget?

When working on a budget, prioritize, prioritize! It is important to remember what is most important to you because it is easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and go over budget. Create a prioritized list of the features and amenities you feel you must have to create an outstanding apartment community, then outline how much you are willing to pay for each. Value engineering will come into play when your budget becomes stretched.

Keep in mind the shifting cost of materials in the various markets in which you intend to build. The professional leadership, expert management team, and gifted designers and contractors at Rockford Construction are committed to seeing your project through from promising kickoff to successful completion.

Are multi-family construction projects fully customizable?

Yes. One of the advantages of building a multi-family construction project over purchasing a renovation project is it allows you to pick the most up-to-date plans and furnishings to attract top-tier renters and buyers. It also allows you to customize the floor plan to accommodate fully accessible entrances, hallways, and bathrooms, as well as the inclusion of such add-ons as an exercise room, community room, garages, and other amenities.

What areas of Delaware County do we serve?

We have completed construction projects throughout Delaware County, Ohio. Rockford Construction is located in the greater Columbus, OH, but we build affordable housing and commercial housing projects anywhere in Ohio.

How long does a construction project usually take?

The duration of a construction project is tied to the scope of the project. A safe answer would be anywhere from 9 months to 4 years to complete construction. Many professional real estate developers and contractors will tell you to expect the unexpected with construction. The factors that affect the timeline of a construction project are:

  • Number of living spaces being built – Are these one-bedroom units, three-bedroom units, or a parking garage adjacent?
  • Availability of building materials – Will there be universal design elements or certain key components that can not be left out?
  • Condition and development of the land – Is there an existing building, does the land need to be modified for rain runoff?

How much does a multifamily construction project site cost in central Ohio?

All construction projects have different costs. Below are some cost guidelines for multifamily construction buildings in and around Delaware County and throughout central Ohio.

Land Costs (10-20%)

Land costs are among the first major expenses to be considered in multifamily construction. As one can imagine, purchasing land in rural areas is cheaper compared to urban infill communities. Many factors come into play, and this development cost may include demolition and clearing.

Hard Costs (50-70%)

The hard development cost of multifamily construction includes the expenses for physically building the multifamily housing: materials, safety equipment and systems, labor costs, engineering services, and contractors’ and subcontractors’ bids.

Soft Costs (20-30%)

This construction cost covers the expenses that go into the work process behind the scenes, such as contracts and legal fees, city permit fees, city zoning, interior design, architects’ fees, and other similar expenditures needed to complete the project.

Rockford Construction Reviews

Treplus Communities

“Developing a strong partnership with Rockford Homes has been crucial to the growth of our business and the corresponding delivery of superior quality apartment homes for our active adult residents. We have enjoyed collaborating with the Rockford team to redefine 55+ living.”

Jane Arthur Roslovic CEO & Co-Founder
Treplus Communities


“I have worked with Rockford since 2000 on numerous construction projects, both single-family and multi-family, and in all this time, Rockford has consistently provided honest pricing and high-quality construction, plus they are good to work with. They know what standard you’re hoping for and they deliver it. You can’t ask for much more.”

Roy Lowenstein Project Developer