Rockford Construction Staff

Rockford Construction Management Staff

Experience with a Personal Touch

Rockford Construction has experienced management who have been with Rockford for over 10 years. Our expertise gives the construction owner confidence that the job will be executed just the way it was intended. Our Staff brings attention to problems and provides the most cost efficient and quality solution to the table. The Rockford Construction Staff is loyal to their excellent quality of work and ensures it exceeds your standards from the day we break ground to beyond opening day.

Rockford Construction Staff

Robert E. Yoakam

President & CEO

Robert E. Yoakam became President/CEO in 2018 and has been with Rockford for 8 years. Robert is responsible for overseeing the strategic position of the single and multi-family divisions.

Rockford Construction Staff

Dennis Sweeney

President of Construction

Dennis Sweeney serves as Rockford’s President of Construction and has been with Rockford for 26 years and has worked in the construction industry for 35 years. Dennis is responsible for all field construction.

Rockford Construction Staff

Corey Theuerkauf

Vice President of Land

Corey Theuerkauf is Rockford’s Vice President of Land and has been with Rockford for 18 years and has worked in the development industry for 20 years. Corey is responsible for estimating, contracting, and project management of site development on multi-family projects.

Rockford Construction Staff

Paul Young

Vice President of Purchasing

Paul Young serves as Rockford’s Vice President of Purchasing and has been with Rockford for 21 years and has worked in the construction industry for 32 years. Paul is responsible for estimating, contracting and project management of the building construction.

The Rockford History

Here at Rockford, we want to bring the most value to our customers. When we decided to enter the construction industry, we knew we had the potential to be the #1 general contractor in Central Ohio based on our staff expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Branching from our parent company, Rockford Homes, Rockford Construction was created to specialize in the construction niche to best serve our customers. Now, we are thriving in the industry and have never looked back.

The Rockford Construction Staff make it their mission to fulfill customers’ wants and needs beyond the standard expectation. Because Rockford Construction remains a privately held company, the Rockford Construction Staff has the flexibility to make their business decisions locally and respond to customer needs quickly. Rockford Construction is here for you, and with our expert leadership and customer-centric care, our Staff can successfully serve you and all your construction needs.

Choose Right. Choose Rockford.

We understand how much commitment a construction project requires. You do not just wake up one day and decide to build a large multi-unit family living complex, for example. Our Rockford Construction Staff will 100% match your commitment to your construction project, as if it was our own. We will gladly walk you through the process and provide advice when needed to ensure your construction project executes flawlessly. Our Staff is here for you and your multifamily construction project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any career opportunities within Rockford Construction?

Yes, we value our employees just as much as we value our customers. We believe the best customer service stems from satisfied employees, who are excited to come to work and challenge themselves to be better everyday. We are looking for committed and hard working individuals to fill select positions and join the Rockford family.

What can you expect from working at Rockford Construction?

As an employee, we support your personal and professional growth. We are a leader in our industry, so we only expect the best from our employees. Our employees have cited the following reasons for being part of the Rockford team:

  • Rockford’s Image as a Market Leader
  • Company Stability
  • Customer Service
  • Respect and Teamwork Among Fellow Employees
  • Commitment to Product Quality
  • High Degree of Responsibility