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Rockford Construction has provided General Contracting work to Clients for over 10 years. Rockford has experience in various project types, including HUD Insured projects, Low Income Family Housing, Special Use Residential Construction, Turnkey Construction Contracts, Urban Infill, and Commercial Projects.

Experts in Value Engineering

Rockford Construction provides the experience and expertise of Value Engineering to lower the project’s cost while increasing the value. Over the years, Rockford Construction has built over $250 million worth of General Contracting work. Rockford is dedicated to bringing the best quality and service to each and every owner.

We Handle All Aspects of Residential Construction

HUD Insured Projects

HUD Insured Projects

HUD-insured construction projects are generally new construction or substantial rehabilitation of multifamily rental or cooperative housing for moderate-income families, the elderly, and the disabled.

What is HUD?

HUD stands for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the federal agency that predominantly focuses on insuring multifamily residential unit loans. The insurance the HUD provides on said loans will protect the lender if a loan defaults because a debtor misses payments. HUD eases the burden on those looking to provide housing options to people who need it.

Low Income Family Housing

Low-Income Family Housing

Rockford Construction has experience in new construction or substantial rehabilitation of Low-Income Family Housing in and around central Ohio.

What are the benefits of investing in low-income housing?

Investors in low-income or affordable housing often find a sense of gratification in providing housing to people in need, but there are many other tangible benefits. As an investor, you are guaranteed rental income on time and in full because a majority comes directly from the government. Also, there is a shortage of low-income family housing in most cities, so there are short vacancy times due to high demand. Renters in low-income housing usually have vouchers to help pay for their rent. These vouchers motivate the tenants to be good renters, or their vouchers will be taken away.

Special Use Residential

Special Use Residential

Special Use Residential projects provide the community with a project dedicated to a specific need like healthcare rehabilitation.

What are other examples of Special Use Residential projects?

Special Use Residential projects are buildings that will need to be designed specifically to accommodate renters’ needs. These projects may include but are not limited to retirement homes, hospice centers, addiction treatment centers, etc. At Rockford Construction, we have decades of experience in the construction industry and are eager to tackle any residential construction project you have in mind. Read about our company and learn more about Rockford Construction, a family-owned business.

Turnkey Construction Contracts

Turnkey Construction Contracts

Rockford Construction provides the expertise to take a project from concept to completion while working with the Owner to understand the project’s core values and desired character.

What does “turnkey” mean in regards to construction?

A Turnkey Construction Project is when the client hands over full responsibility of a residential construction project to one lead contractor, and the contractor oversees it to the very end. The client is hands-free until the project is fully operational, and then the contractor will “turn the keys” over. Turnkey Projects are on the rise, specifically within the public sector, as the lead contractor takes control of both the design and build.

Urban Infill

Urban Infill

Urban infill is a new development that is located on vacant or undeveloped land within an existing community enclosed by other types of development. Rockford Construction has vast experience in Urban Infill construction projects.

What is Urban Infill Housing?

Is there a specific spot in your urban area that is just collecting trash and waiting to be developed? Does that one plot degrade the entire look of your well-developed community? This is where Urban Infill Housing comes in. With our help, you can take the deserted, eye-sore plot of land, turn it into a fresh new home or property, and then generate a profit later down the line.

Multi-Family Residential Construction

Multi-Family Residential Construction

Rockford Construction has extensive experience in Multi-Family Residential Construction or apartment or multi-unit condo construction. View our portfolio of work for a few examples.

What is considered a Multi-Family building?

A Multi-Family Residential Building covers “medium-sized” to “larger-sized” developments. A single-family home is when one family lives under one roof: your typical house in a suburban neighborhood. A Multi-Family Residential Project may consist of various product types, including but not limited to ranch style product with only one level of living area, a two-story or three-story walk-up product with two or three levels of living units defined by an exterior staircase for access, or a townhome product of which is defined as a multi-floor living unit with first-floor access directly attached to another unit. All of which are defined as having two or more residential units attached, creating a “multi-family” building versus your traditional one-unit “single-family” building. A Residential Multi-Family Project may be as small as one 2-unit building up to hundreds of multi-family units within a single project.


Condominium Construction

From multi-unit to standalone condo construction, Rockford has completed many projects large and small.

What is the difference between a condo and an apartment?

From the inside, a condo and apartment look very similar. A residential building is considered an apartment when a landlord or property management firm owns many units in a building. In contrast, a condo can have many units in a building, but the difference lies within the ownership. Each unit in a condo complex is individually owned.

Land Development

Land Development

Land development can be a complex process and is one of the core competencies of our construction process. With decades of land development experience for single-family homes, our planning team will develop land on time and within budget.

Buying Land to Develop: How should you evaluate the lot?

There are many boxes to check when evaluating a plot of land. Start by making a list of all the obvious questions you can ask the seller or agent. Your next stop may be to visit your local town or city officials, as they have a plethora of information, all for free. Things to ask about are utility line access, long-run issues, or factors that could affect the value of your lot in the future. If you have an expert, like Rockford Construction, by your side, we will be your backup and ask all the questions you didn’t even think of.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

We work hard to construct our residential projects to be brilliantly engineered and beautifully designed to wow our clients. We are proud of our diversified work portfolio, which showcases past real estate projects. Browse our past work and be inspired to invest and build your residential construction project.

Rockford Construction Reviews

Treplus Communities

“Developing a strong partnership with Rockford Homes has been crucial to the growth of our business and the corresponding delivery of superior quality apartment homes for our active adult residents. We have enjoyed collaborating with the Rockford team to redefine 55+ living.”

Jane Arthur Roslovic CEO & Co-Founder
Treplus Communities


“I have worked with Rockford since 2000 on numerous construction projects, both single-family and multi-family, and in all this time, Rockford has consistently provided honest pricing and high-quality construction, plus they are good to work with. They know what standard you’re hoping for and they deliver it. You can’t ask for much more.”

Roy Lowenstein Project Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest multi-family home architectural trends?

Multifamily properties are beginning development and construction every day with new and competitive designs coming to life. As a general contractor that specializes in multifamily properties, here are a few of the latest trends we’ve seen come to life over the past few years.

  • Multi-Use Common Areas
  • Premium Hardwood Floors
  • Designer Furniture
  • Deluxe Workout Areas
  • Pools
  • Sustainable Upgrades including Solar Panels and Energy-Efficient Windows
  • High-Speed Internet and Fiber Optics in Common Areas
  • Modern Designs
  • Smart Home Technologies such as Smart Locks, Thermostats, and Lighting

What are the benefits of investing in multifamily housing?

Deciding where to invest is challenging. However, many investors will tell you that investing in multifamily properties is one of the most powerful strategies you can use to create a monthly cash flow. Not only is it a great source of monthly income, but it also offers the slow and steady appreciation many real estate investors gravitate towards. As an investor, the benefits of investing in a multifamily property include:

  • Larger Cash Flow than Single-Family Properties
  • Multiple Properties in one Place Make Management Easier
  • Appreciation is Generally Better than Single-Family Housing Investments
  • Investors Receive Significant Tax Breaks When Investing in Multifamily Properties
  • As Real Estate Affordability Decreases (as it has the past few years), More People will Turn to Multifamily Homes
  • Investing in Multifamily Units Spreads Your Risk Over More Units Rather than Only a Few
  • Multifamily Investments Epitomize Scalability and Grow Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Going the Extra Mile in Construction Services & General Contracting

Rockford Construction believes Green communities are becoming increasingly important to home builders and municipalities. Green projects are better for the planet and are an important aspect of improving local communities as well as the environment globally.

As Green projects flourish, impacting the economy, construction practices, and the overall lifestyle of community members, Rockford Construction is poised to participate as a responsible general contractor at the forefront of Green construction.

Rockford Construction is an established general contractor with years of experience building under the guidelines of the United States Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Energy Star, and AWARE standards.

LEED Certified

LEED Certified Projects

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used Green building rating system in the world. LEED certified buildings save money, improve efficiency, lower carbon emissions and create healthier places for people to live, work and play.

Energy Star

Energy Star®

Energy Star® is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, providing simple, credible, and unbiased information that consumers and businesses rely on to make well-informed decisions.

AWARE: Columbus / Franklin County


The AWARE Manual for Sustainable Accessible Living provides building standards and contractor requirements for all residential projects awarded federal funds through the City of Columbus and Franklin County.