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Browse our vast collection of past and current Rockford Construction projects. Our veteran expertise and incredible attention to detail make for a polished product again and again.

Experience that Shows

Rockford’s Multi-Family Experience includes over 70 projects consisting of over 6,000 units. Rockford has experience in a multitude of General Contracting projects including apartments, condominiums, commercial construction, tenant improvements, and the conversion and rehab of downtown office buildings.

Rockford Construction provides the experience and expertise of Value Engineering to lower the cost of the project while increasing the value. Over the years, Rockford has completed over $500 million worth of General Contracting work. Our team at Rockford is dedicated to bringing the best quality and service to each and every owner.

Featured Projects

Explore some of our featured construction projects ranging from Multi-Family Assisted Living Construction to Single Family Urban Infill projects.

Rockford Construction Combines Brand Name Products and Materials with National Buying Power

You need a general contractor that will exponentially increase your productivity. Some contractors make it harder to complete your residential construction project when they should be making it easier. Irreputable general contractors have poor communication and a lack of respect for the client. Don’t make it harder on yourself. A reputable general contractor, like Rockford Construction, is the key to a smooth and productive construction project.

It takes more than just smarts to run a successful general contracting business. Not only does Rockford Construction have in-depth knowledge from decades of experience, the Rockford team is dedicated to their mission. Each team member is loyal and has been with the company for over 10 years. The team knows the construction industry inside and out. We work cohesively as a team, united to complete each and every task, big or small. Rockford Construction makes you the first priority, as we ensure your personal touch is infused within each construction project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access a contractor's portfolio?

Most contractors now have digital portfolios usually posted on their web. If they do not, they will happily show you via email or when you set up a consultation.

What should be included in a contractor's portfolio

A contractor’s portfolio should have many examples of their work; the more they have, the better. Pictures are key to a portfolio and you should not have to hunt for them. The portfolio should also include basic information about each construction project, which could include location, year built, cost, and length of project.

What is the difference between a contractor's bid and a proposal?

Bids are used when the scope of the construction project is clear and often outlines the project in more detail than a proposal. Proposals are oftentimes more persuasive, as in the contractor may include testimonials and past work to sway you to hire them.

What is a contractor's bid?

A contractor’s bid is an offer to a customer to estimate the cost of a project and the projected end date.

How do you assess a contractor's construction portfolio?

When assessing a contractor’s porftolio, first glance over the enrire portfolio and jot down a couple notes about your first impression. What industries do they work in? What does the quality of their work look like? Then dive deeper into the portfolio and try to find a construction project that is similar to yours. How does that work? Would you be satisfied with the end product? Make note of any questions that pop in your head for later discussion with the contractor.

What is a contractor's portfolio?

A contractor’s portfolio is a tool to showcase past and current projects. Contractors can list their areas of expertise and you can determine if they have adequete experience for your construction project.

Going the Extra Mile in Construction Services & General Contracting

Rockford Construction believes Green communities are important to the environment. Not only do Green projects better the planet but they are an important aspect of improving the environment globally. Rockford Construction has experience building under the guidelines of the United States Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Energy Star, and AWARE standards.

LEED Certified

LEED Certified Projects

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world.

Energy Star

Energy Star®

Energy Star® is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, providing simple, credible, and unbiased information that consumers and businesses rely on to make well-informed decisions.

AWARE: Columbus / Franklin County


The AWARE Manual for Sustainable Accessible Living provides building standards and contractor requirements for all residential projects awarded federal funds through the City of Columbus and Franklin County.